About Our Ottawa Property Manager

The company was built by Robin Shire, an Ottawa property manager with over thirty years of experience in property management. She has helped manage buildings of varying sizes but has developed an expertise in catering to buildings between one and twenty doors.

Robin Shire - Property Manager in Ottawa

Robin first started working with a larger property management company and was frustrated by her inability to properly cater to the unique needs of each client that was assigned to her. This led to her starting her own company that she would be able to run exactly the way she wanted. She has built 613 Property Management around exceptional service and you can talk to any of her clients to know that she delivers on what she promises.

She has built a company that has quickly grown its portfolio to include properties in Ottawa, Kemptville, Smiths Falls, Spencerville, Brockville and Cardinal. She has developed a firm understanding of the individual markets and the way in which they influence the rental landscape. She understands the unique profiles of tenants in each of the areas within the territories that she caters to and she adjusts her approach accordingly.

Building up a real estate portfolio requires a network of trustworthy professionals. Property management is one of the integral spokes in that network. Robin has successfully built 613 Property Management by becoming an integral and trusted part of her investors’ real estate team. She has helped her clients confidently grow their portfolios by knowing that their doors would be tenanted, maintained, and overseen.

What Our Ottawa Property Managers Do

  1. Quick Leasing – One of the easiest ways of losing money in real estate is by having units stay empty for months on end. One way to avoid that is by choosing locations and units with a high level of desirability. The second is by having a property management group that is relentless in the promotion and showings of upcoming vacancies. 613 Property Management can help on both fronts. If you are in the midst of shopping for additions to the portfolio, Robin can help you assess the level of desirability of potential units. If you have a vacancy, 613 Property Management is relentless in its efforts to eliminate or minimize any vacancies between tenants.
  2. Maintenance – Another easy way to compromise the health and value of a real estate portfolio is to neglect its upkeep. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We keep a close eye on the state of the units in our care and make recommendations that balance cost and value. If you speak to our clients, they will tell you that we spend their money with the same care that we would spend our own. We fix whenever it makes sense, leave things alone when it makes sense, and replace when all else fails.
  3. Oversight – Although real estate is a long-term investment, it doesn’t mean that the properties can be left forgotten. Some tenants are exceptional at maintaining their rented homes. Others need to be reminded periodically. And unfortunately, a select few need to be removed from their rented homes in order to preserve the value of the investment. At 613 Property Management, we carefully oversee the properties in our care to ensure that the appropriate level of vigilance is used with each unit. We protect our investors’ property!